League Rules:

  1. All league games are 6-end games, and the final end must start prior to 12:15 am (fall and winter sessions) or 7:45 pm and 9:45 pm (spring sessions).
  2. Unless specified differently below, all league games will be governed by the rules set forth in the USA Curling/WCF "2023 Rules of Curling.”  Provided here
  3. Please note the details about game structure, including: coin toss to determine the first hammer, delivery order and player positions, alternate substitutions, and the free guard zone rules.
  4. In the event of a false start/failed delivery, the player may stop the stone and re-deliver, as long as they have not released the stone and not passed the Hog Line.
  5. We do not have a Center Line on our sheets so tick shots are allowed.
  6. Due to arena in-ice advertisement placement, we do not have a full Hog Line on Sheet C. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but unfortunately this decision was out of our control. Please use your best judgement for stones near the Hog Line on Sheet C.
  7. If necessary, measuring the final placement to determine scoring can be accomplished with a measuring device, only after all stones in the end have been delivered.
  8. Tie-Breaker:  If the score is tied at the end of a game (whether the number of ends or time limit), one player from each team will deliver one stone on an empty sheet. The team that scored the most recent point in the game will deliver first. One teammate may serve as Skip for each team and one teammate sweeping is allowed, however the Skip may not sweep the opponent’s stone if it passes the Tee Line. The winner will be determined by which stone is closer to the button and is still in play between the Hog Line and the Back Line. If both stones end up out of play, the game will end in a tie.
  9. After your game ends, please do not clear your scores from the scoreboards until a LCCC scorekeeper has recorded them.
  10. “The spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct.” Please exhibit fairness, integrity, and respect for opponents and teammates as outlined in the “Spirit of Curling.”